Our approach in bringing out the best in people is simple:
Most companies focus on providing the skillset, but do not realize they are missing a crucial part of the success equation: the right mindset. At Natalie Evie Consulting, we equip our clients to succeed.

Leading Core Shifts Toward Success
Training often focuses on providing knowledge and lots of content - the skillset – which often leaves clients disappointed when they don’t see results or experience a change in behavior.
Most knowledge is very basic in theory, and because of this many participants end up dissatisfied and searching for something more practical. The value of training however, is often in the action and practice based on the knowledge gained, and not in the knowledge itself.
Our seminars are designed not to overwhelm with content, but rather to link to participants' motivations and create a positive shift in mindset. We then equip them with the skillset strategically presented in a simple, easy-to-digest way, and guide them to set goals that turn into action to create lasting change in behaviour for a new course of success.
Our talks and seminars are not lectures, but an experience. They are designed to help our participants retain knowledge, identify their business goals and needs, and align with the corporate culture and brand. At the same time, our seminars are about the individual. We help our participants succeed in meeting their own personal career goals and needs.
While content is easily learned, we do more by causing paradigm shifts: inspiring changes that lead to new ideas and success.

Emotional Intelligence Is The Key To Leadership Success
There is a critical stage in our careers where it is no longer enough for our technical skills or the quality of our work to speak for us. Many people have the talent and skills to do the job, yet as we progress up the career ladder it's the soft skills that decide our career success. Our emotional intelligence, communication style, professional image and confidence all become essential to differentiating our our work and talent, defining, even creating, our success as a leader.
The gaps in our people and communication skills are often what hold us back in our progress and prevent us from realising our full leadership potential. These gaps exist on three levels: 1. Subconscious > 2. Conscious > 3. External Perception.
1. Subconscious Your thoughts, tendencies, biases and emotions that impact your actions and decisions, hindering your ability to consistently make conscious choices that support your success
2. Conscious Your ability to manage emotions in yourself, and read emotions and manage relationships with others    
3. External Perception Managing and influencing how others judge you - to impact how they treat you, and react to you    
We help you and your employees to understand, manage, and bridge the career success gaps from the the levels of subconscious, conscious and external perception. Bridge your gaps to succeed and stand out as a leader in your workplace.


Natalie Evie Consulting specialises in Emotional Intelligence and Communications Training and Coaching services.

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